• CHIC

    From €16.500
    Available with: VTi82, VTi95 ETG


    • Front, side and curtain airbags
    • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
    • ABS brakes with Electronic Brakeforce distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA)
    • Cruise control
    • Remote central locking
    • Front fog lamps
    • Front power windows
    • Electrically adjusted side mirrors
    • Air-condition
    • Trip computer
    • Radio/CD audio system
    • Leather steering wheel

    From €18.000
    Available with: VTi82 ETG

    • Front, side and curtain airbags
    • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
    • ABS brakes with Electronic Brake force distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA)
    • Cruise control
    • Remote central locking
    • 16” alloy wheels
    • Rear windows with privacy glass
    • Bi-tone exterior colour
    • LED daytime running lights
    • Front fog lamps
    • Front power windows
    • Electrically adjusted side mirrors
    • Air-condition
    • Trip computer
    • Radio/CD audio system
    • Front armrest
    • Interior ambient lighting
    • Leather steering wheel

    From €21.200
    Available with: 150 THP (1.6)

    • Front, side and curtain airbags
    • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
    • ABS brakes with Electronic Brake force distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA)
    • Cruise control
    • Remote central locking
    • 17” alloy wheels
    • Chrome exterior side strips
    • Rear windows with privacy glass
    • Bi-tone exterior colour
    • LED daytime running lights
    • Front fog lamps
    • Front power windows
    • Electrically adjusted side mirrors
    • Automatic Air-condition
    • Bluetooth telephone connectivity
    • Trip computer
    • Radio/CD audio system
    • Front armrest
    • Interior ambient lighting
    • Leather steering wheel



    An innovative style: floating roof accentuated by the two-tone paintwork, side spoiler, dynamic front face emphasised by vertical LED day running lamps



    A new hypnotic light signature on 3 dimensions: rear 3D LED light


  • RIDE

    Dynamic instruments and controls: low and enveloping seats, conical instrument panels, sport steering wheel truncated for unequalled driving sensations



    Very extensive personalisation: body and roof colours, personalisation stickers, alloy wheels of differing sizes and colours, dashboard cappings, trims.



    An optimised architecture offering 5 seats, a boot of 285 litres VDA within less than 4m (3.95m)



    An Ultra Prestige version reinterpreting French elegance with Club Leather seats of watchstrap design, a leather trimmed dashboard capping, a special roof decoration, a Dark Chrome Pack



    A high level of safety:
    CITROËN eTouch, ESP, 6 airbags, 5* EuroNCap




  • Your DS 3 is also a strong performer on the road, combining driving pleasure with everyday comfort. Nimble and dynamic, it takes curves and bends with ease, bringing you closer to the road. Driving the DS 3 is like having the wheels at your fingertips. Strong character makes the DS 3 a dynamic drive. At the same time, control and onboard comfort are exceptional for this type of vehicle. For a flawless ride, ESP is also available across the range.


  • The DS 3 is available with a broad selection of high-performance and environmentally-friendly petrol and diesel engines. All these powerplants offer an unmatched drive in the city and on the open road, from the e-HDi 90 Airdream with its manual or clutchless transmission, to the e-HDi 115 Airdream, the VTi 82, the VTi 95, the VTi 120 with a manual or clutchless gearbox, the THP 155 or the 202 hp engine in the DS 3 Racing.



    The 5-speed manual gearbox is particularly responsive. It is available with all the petrol and diesel engines on the new DS3, with the exception of the THP 150 and HDi 110 DPFS.



    The 5-speed clutchless gearbox is available with the VTi 82 and  VTi 95 petrol engine. This transmission shifts gear in automatic or sequential mode, using the paddle controls on the steering wheel or the gear lever.



    The six-speed manual gearbox delivers a strong response. The sixth speed saves fuel and improves the acoustics.This gearbox is available with the THP 150 petrol engine and HDi 110 DPFS diesel engine.



    The 6-speed clutchless gearbox is available with the e-HDi 90 Airdream diesel engine. This transmission shifts gear in automatic or sequential mode, using the paddle controls on the steering wheel or the gear lever.



    The 4-speed automatic gearbox gives you a choice between automatic mode, which adapts the gearshift speed to your driving style, and sequential mode, which lets you change gears freely.
    This gearbox is available with the VTi 120 petrol engine.




  • DS 3 - Polar White
  • DS 3 - Polar White

Polar White

  • Polar White

    Polar White
  • Belle Ile Blue

    Belle Ile Blue
  • Arctic Steel

    Arctic Steel
  • Sport Yellow

    Sport Yellow
  • Perla Nera Black

    Perla Nera Black
  • Shark Grey

    Shark Grey
  • Ruby Red

    Ruby Red



    Unique design

    Your DS 3 is as unique as you are. The DS3 ships in a choice of 32 body colour combinations with an array of personalised options. Give free rein to your creativity and create a car that resembles you – from the colour of the roof to the colour of the body and the type of wheels.
    A wide choice of decoration and styling features let you coordinate and personalise the roof, door mirror housings or gear lever of your DS 3, through a special design theme.

    A similarly wide choice is available in the cabin, the fascia strip and gear lever ship in several colours, the seats ship with a wide choice of upholstery, and the protective mats feature the same graphic design as the roof decals. With the DS 3, you’re the designer.


    The roof of the DS 3 is available in four colours, differing from that of the main bodywork: Onyx Black, Opale White, Infini Blue or Moondust Grey.

    To complete the personalisation process and give your DS 3 a truly original look, a choice of design schemes are available: Graphic Art, Flower, Flavio, Codesign, Plane, Map, Paris, Zebra, Perle, Onde and Urban Tribe. They will coordinate your roof and identify your DS 3 as both remarkable and modern, in the urban jungle


    A wide range of colours (or chrome) let you personalise the door mirror housings of your DS 3 to create an exterior colour scheme that resembles you.


    The DS 3 ships with a choice of nine 16- and 17-inch wheels, diamond-tipped or coloured, to suit. Even the wheel hub is coloured to match the body or roof.

    We are all different. And your DS 3 will be unlike any other.


    The cabin of the DS 3 expresses a strong personality. The fascia strip, which includes the controls for the air vents, instrument cluster surround and multifunction screens, is available in a range of six finishes and colours. The gear lever ships with a choice of five finishes, combining satin chrome with glossy colour or matt leather.
    The protective mats on the floor feature the same graphics as the decals on the roof.

    A host of design details make your DS 3 a unique vehicle. In a symbolic touch, the key plip includes a disc in the same colour as the body paint, so that you always carry a little piece of your DS 3 with you!


    The seat upholstery reflects the same attention to detail as the rest of the cabin of your DS 3. A range of eight choices are available, including three with finely overstiched leather (Granit Blue, Mistral et Lama), alongside a range of sophisticated and modern fabric designs.


    The DS 3 is a designer’s dream. A car that leaves nobody indifferent. A car that immediately arouses desire. The powerful design lines at the rear are an expression of elegant and subtle motion.
    A compact, sensual, thoroughbred, always ready for action, your DS 3 is also a distinctive vehicle.

    Its strong personality is reflected in its original design features, including a ‘floating’ roof, a ‘shark fin’ that emphasises the waistline, and side recesses housing LED lights at the front.


    Led daytime lights

    The cheeky character of the DS 3 can also be seen in its gaze.

    Recesses on either side of the front bumper contain LED daytime-running lights, for an original and surprising lighting signature.


    3D led rear lights

    Advanced technology is a natural part of the DS 3, which is why we have added a hypnotic new light signature and highly innovative 3D LED lights at the rear.

    Like a jewel in a case, a discreet chrome-finish DS logo, in a black, embossed DS setting  is mounted on the side of the light.


    Optimised visibility

    While the exterior is compact, the interior of the DS 3 delivers a wide field of vision.
    Particular emphasis was placed on the windscreen pillars, which are slimmed down for maximum visibility.

    Three-quarter rear visibility is optimised by the design of the roof trim, the generously sized quarter-window and the shape of the headrests.


    The DS 3 is 3.95m long and 1.71m wide, making it one of the most compact vehicles in its segment. Its height of 1.46m, gives it a dynamic look. It may not respect the bigger is better theory, but it takes no short cuts.

    And with a standard-setting turning circle of just 10.2 m or 10.4 m (depending on the gearbox), your DS 3 is highly manoeuvrable. All of which makes the DS 3 a natural in its role as a stylish urban vehicle


    If the outside was appealing, the inside is irresistible. The cabin of the DS 3 features premium materials such as leather and chrome. The aluminium sport pedal assembly is fitted with non-slip pads, while the gear lever combines satin chrome with glossy colour or matt leather for a perfect grip.

    The automatic air conditioning controls built into the central console feature chrome surrounds. The interor of your DS 3 combines subtle sophistication with original, pure design lines.


    If you thought that you were beyond surprises, try out the driving sensations delivered by the DS 3. Amazing! Comfortably ensconced in the body-hugging seats, in the low driving position, with the flat-bottomed steering wheel in your hands, you simply will not want to get out of the car.

    Information on driving, speed and fuel consumption, along with the rev counter,are displayed in a 3D instrument cluster of modern design. The chrome finish underlines the chic, sporty personality of your DS 3.


    Generous space

    The exterior design may be compact, but the interior is uncompromising on space. The DS 3 is the first truly versatile compact coupé. It features five real seats, all of which are as roomy as in a compact hatchback, in terms of both width and length. Leg room is generous, both in the front, thanks to the “raised” dashboard, and in the rear, with the space available underneath the slim-backed front seats.

    Underneath its sleek body lines, your innovative DS 3 thus reveals the qualities of a versatile hatchback.


    The DS3 makes everyday life easier. It combines an exceptionally roomy 285-litre boot with a 60:40 rear bench that can be folded in a single movement with one hand.

    Naturally, the DS3 also includes generous storage features, including a 13-litre glove box, and compartments in the doors, central console, and fascia. A foldaway central armrest is also available for even more comfort.


    Acoustics is key to onboard comfort, and the DS 3 sets the standard. To ensure a quiet ride, vibration, engine noise, wind noise and road noise are all effectively damped. Soundproofing and noise absorption were placed as close as possible to the source of emissions, with particular emphasis on the engine compartment and doors.

    Door seals were fitted, and the gram-per-metre count of sealing sheets was increased to 200, compared with a class average of 90.


    Technology is at the heart of your DS 3, with a Hi-Fi system boasting impressive audio reproduction. It ships with an additional, third speaker located on the dashboard and an amplified subwoofer in the boot.
    And if you want to take your music collection with you, the Connecting Box lets you plug in your MP3 player or USB key directly or to listen to the music on your Smartphone in Bluetooth streaming audio mode.
    To help you find your away around unfamiliar territory, the DS 3 features the new eMyWay onboard navigation system, with its 7″ high-resolution colour screen, which is compatible with the latest-generation satellite-based navigation thanks to its Birdview mode and European maps stored in the internal memory.

    A CD MP3/WMA player, six loudspeakers and a USB/jack port are also included. You can browse through the playlists on your portable music player, use mobiles that are compatible with the Bluetooth hands-free kit and listen to your favourite songs in streaming audio mode. The DS 3 is very much a car of the 21st century. To take full advantage of the web, it is available (as an accessory) with OnBoard WiFi: a technology providing web access through the 3G/3G+ network of your Sim card.


    For a sweet-smelling interior, your DS 3 is available with a scented air-freshener, fitted with an attractive, chrome-finished roller control that lets you adjust the intensity of the fragrance or turn the system off.

    This feature diffuses a subtle, pleasant fragrance around the cabin. Choose the fragrance(s) to suit you from the range on offer.


    For a more relaxed drive, the DS 3 ships with a full range of driving aids. In the city,for example, rear parking assist warns you of nearby obstacles to make parking manœuvres easier.

    The DS3 is also available with a speed limiter/cruise control, an automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wiper, automatic headlights and an onboard computer.


    In the event of impact, passengers on the new DS3 enjoy maximum protection.

    The cabin has been made stiffer to prevent objects penetrating into the survival cell and to allow other “non-inhabited’ areas to crumple.


    Safety is a priority for the DS 3. All passengers enjoy full protection, with six airbags as standard on all levels of trim: two front airbags twinned with two side airbags at the front and two curtain airbags built into the roof.

    For complete safety, the steering column on your DS 3 retracts in the event of front impact.


    High-performance braking

    The DS 3 sets the highest standards in active safety with, for example, its advanced safety braking system. Standard ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) are combined with Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA) and automatic hazard warning lights.

    ESP is also available as standard . This function keeps the car on course and works with traction control to stop the wheels skidding.
    These features will provide support in the most difficult situations, for example, loss of grip.


    The DS 3 also sets high standards in child safety: To install child seats, the two rear side seats are fitted with Isofix anchorage points as standard on all versions.

    Your children are clearly in good hands.


    Economical engines

    Because driving pleasure must also be eco-aware, the DS 3 was designed to show greater respect for the world around it, with a level of CO2 emissions that reflects Citroën’s environmental leadership.


    For a more economical – and therefore more ecological – drive, your DS 3 ships with a gear change indicator that analyses your driving style and tells you the best time to change up.


    Looking beyond engine performance, the environmental results of the DS 3 are the result of extensive studies on weight control, with designers studying all the possibilities for making the car lighter. Numerical computation techniques were used extensively to define and test parts, thus optimising each component in terms of both weight and technical quality.

    With its controlled weight and optimised aerodynamics (Cd of 0.31), the DS3 ensures intelligent management of fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.


    Sporting essence

    Building on the experience of a brand with nine World Rally Championship titles, the engineers at Citroën Racing took the DS 3 Sport Chic and fashioned it into the image of Citroën’s competition department, with a thoroughly sporty and exclusive attitude.


    Racing-inspired design

    The new model features all the styling cues of the DS 3 but stands apart with 100% Racing attributes, including a chrome-finished exhaust pipe and carbon detailing on several parts of the body. Measuring 3.94 m long, the DS 3 Racing sports originally styled 18-inch wheels and comes in two colour combinations: Obsidian black with an orange roof or Banquise white with a grey roof.

    The cabin gets the same stand-out treatment as the body, with the same colours and carbon touches on numerous trim features, including the central console and the door armrests.


    Higher-performance powertrain

    With its 1.6-litre, 202 bhp engine (developing 275 Nm of torque) and high-precision chassis, the DS3 Racing does a kilometre standing start in just 26.5 seconds and reaches 100 kph in 6,5 seconds, confirming its sporting credentials.

    Front and rear track were widened 30 mm to literally “glue” the car to the road. Vehicle height was also lowered 15 mm. These tweaks radically change the DS 3’s onroad performance.

    The ultra-sharp steering is also adapted to the car’s hot-blooded personality, while the brakes were adjusted by Citroën Racing for more endurance and performance, notably with four-piston front callipers.

    With this set-up, the DS 3 Racing has exactly what it takes to set a new standard in the category.