• CHIC

    From €19.700
    Available with: VTi82

    • Front, side and curtain airbags
    • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
    • ABS brakes with Electronic Brakeforce distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA)
    • Remote central locking
    • Cruise control
    • Front fog lamps
    • Front power windows
    • Electrically adjusted side mirrors
    • Air-condition
    • Trip computer
    • Radio/CD audio system
    • Leather steering wheel

    From €23.900
    Available with: 1.6 e-HDi ETG auto

    • Front, side and curtain airbags
    • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
    • ABS brakes with Electronic Brake force distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA)
    • Remote central locking
    • Cruise control
    • 16” alloy wheels
    • Rear windows with privacy glass
    • Bi-tone exterior colour
    • LED daytime running lights
    • Front fog lamps
    • Front power windows
    • Electrically adjusted side mirrors
    • Air-condition
    • Trip computer
    • Radio/CD audio system
    • Front armrest
    • Interior ambient lighting
    • Leather steering wheel

    From €24.300
    Available with: 150 THP (1.6)

    • Front, side and curtain airbags
    • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
    • ABS brakes with Electronic Brake force distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA)
    • Remote central locking
    • Cruise control
    • 17” alloy wheels
    • Chrome exterior side strips
    • Rear windows with privacy glass
    • Bi-tone exterior colour
    • LED daytime running lights
    • Front fog lamps
    • Front power windows
    • Electrically adjusted side mirrors
    • Automatic Air-condition
    • Bluetooth telephone connectivity
    • Trip computer
    • Radio/CD audio system
    • Front armrest
    • Interior ambient lighting
    • Leather steering wheel



    A stylish identity already established by the DS 3: the floating roof accentuating the two colour design, shark fin B pillar, dynamic front face emphasized by vertical LED daytime running lights.



    Refinement in every detail: quality materials including the use of new details and Monogram effects.



    An extension of the personalisation offer: 3 new fabrics for customers to choose from.



    An electrically operated roof that can function at speeds up to 74mph: a large sliding soft top that can be folded electrically and sitsbehind the rear passenger seats.



    Among the best in its class for acoustic insulation against road noise and the elements.



    A hypnotic new rear signature: a rear light with 3D effect and LEDs, and a discreet DS logo.


  • BOOT

    A distinctive visual style for the boot: a specific innovative tailgate designed for better access in limited space.



    A unique amount of space for a car in this segment: 5 seats and 245 litres of boot space.



    A high level of safety: ABS with EBD and EBA, ESP, 6 Airbags, Rear Parking Assistance standard across the range, Citroën eTouch.



    Unlike many competitors DS3 and new Cabrio will appeal to both young and old, male and female customers.




  • The DS 3 Cabrio offers a drive that combines vitality and control in every situation.
    The high-precision development of the chassis, the suspension and the dampers produces a clean feel for the road and a precise and care-free drive day after day.
    And since the DS 3 Cabrio weighs just 25 to 30 kg more than the DS 3, much less than conventional soft tops, the quality of the road holding and performance is maintained.


  • The DS 3 Cabrio is available with five (Euro V-compliant) engines that are smooth, powerful and environmentally-friendly:

    • the 90 bhp e-HDi DPF coupled to a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox
    • three petrol engines, each available with a 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox: the THP 155, the VTi 120, which is also available with a 4-speed automatic, and the VTi 82.



    The five-speed manual gearbox is particularly responsive. It is available with all the petrol and diesel engines on the new DS3 Cabrio, with the exception of the THP 155.



    The six-speed manual gearbox delivers a strong response. The sixth speed saves fuel and improves the acoustics.This gearbox is available with the THP 150 petrol engine.



    The 6-speed clutchless gearbox is available with the e-HDi 90 Airdream diesel engine. This transmission shifts gear in automatic or sequential mode, using the paddle controls on the steering wheel



    The 4-speed automatic gearbox gives you a choice between automatic mode, which adapts the gearshift speed to your driving style, and sequential mode, which lets you change gears freely.
    This gearbox is available with the VTi 120 petrol engine.




  • DS 3 Cabrio - Polar White
  • DS 3 Cabrio - Polar White

Polar White

  • Polar White

    Polar White
  • Arctic Steel

    Arctic Steel
  • Sport Yellow

    Sport Yellow
  • Hickory Brown

    Hickory Brown
  • Perla Nera Black

    Perla Nera Black
  • Shark Grey

    Shark Grey
  • Ruby Red

    Ruby Red



    The DS 3 Cabrio’s roof folds away to create a sense of freedom and escape at the wheel. The fabric roof is opened and closed electrically using a button on the ceiling console. The roof can be opened in three sequential positions: intermediate, horizontal and fully open behind the rear passengers.

    The roof can also be opened manually, so you can choose any position you like.


    The DS 3 Cabrio stands out from the crowd in any situation. The carefully designed roof can be opened at speeds of up to 120 km/h for even more thrilling sensations at the wheel.

    It can also be opened and closed remarkably quickly. The roof can be fully opened or closed in just 16 seconds and it only takes 11 seconds to reach the horizontal position! Perfect to enjoy every single second of sunshine or to avoid the slightest raindrop.


    The DS 3 Cabrio is designed for driving pleasure. Its pleasure-seeking personality is the source of a true sense of freedom. The roof can be opened to enjoy a sunny ride and to fully appreciate the pleasant surroundings.

    The DS3 Cabrio is based on the same technical platform as the hatchback, and offers a similarly assertive and sporty drive, precise control and a very high standard of safety. At the wheel of the DS 3 Cabrio, drivers feel close to the road, in a position to take curves and corners with the utmost ease.


    The canvasses on the DS 3 Cabrio are easy to maintain. Special cleaning products are available in the Brand’s dealerships.


    Distinctive styling

    This soft top version version shares all the distinctive features behind the success of the fashionable DS 3 city car, including the floating ceiling and shark fin.
    DS 3 Cabrio’s styling is as original as it is attractive. The instantly recognisable thoroughbred look at the front end is highlighted by the LED daytime lights. And the unique 3D LED lights at the rear further accentuate the car’s unique character.


    The powerful profile is eye-catching, while the foldaway roof shows that the DS 3 Cabrio is designed for pleasure.


    Meticulous design

    If you liked the refined leather upholstery with overstitching, the top-quality fabric and the elegant chrome trim of the DS 3, then you will love the white LED interior lighting and the luxurious soft top of the cabriolet version.
    The subtle combination of blues and violets of the Infini blue fabric is surprisingly sophisticated. The visual effect is produced by a weave of three different coloured threads, one of which is glossy. Each thread reacts to light in a different way, further accentuating the DS 3 Cabrio’s unique personality.


    In the purest tradition of luxurious and elegant refinement, the DS weft is used right down to the DS 3 Cabrio’s fabric monogram. This subtle emblem consists of two contrasting greys of Jacquard material that go with the moondust grey just perfectly.


    Enhanced personalisation

    The same extensive range of personalisation options so dear to the DS3, ranging from the wheels and upholstery to the dash trim and the gear shift handle, are naturally available for the DS Cabrio. The foldaway roof can also add a personal touch. The fabric roof is available in three colours: black, Infini blue and monogram.


    The upper part of the sides of the body, the front crossways trim and the rear wing are in the same colour as the roof, enhancing the floating effect.


    3D LED rear lights

    The DS 3 Cabrio boasts a striking 3D light signature that uses a unique 3D LED light technology at the rear.
    The central part of the light is made up of a rectangular opal guide of 31 LEDs and a set of mirrors and semi-reflective glasses that reproduce the the image of the light guide to infinity.


    The 3D module is highlighted by the upper strip of a further 15 LEDs.

    Like a jewel in a setting, the 3D light is fitted with a chrome-plated DS logo fixed in an embossed DS frame.


    A unique boot mechanismde coffre inédite

    The DS 3 Cabrio features an exclusive boot opening mechanism for improved accessibility. Citroën has built all of its advanced skills and know-how into this quality system that is a perfect illustration of the Brand’s Technologie.


    The opening mechanism was designed and developed specially for the DS 3 Cabrio to guarantee that the boot flap can be opened easily. The boot can be effortlessly raised into a position above the rear window, offering easy access to the storage space.


    Technology is at the heart of the DS 3 Cabrio. The acoustic performance of the hi-fi audio system is simply exceptional. You can drive to the sound of your own selection of music by directly plugging your MP3 player or USB key into the Connecting Box.

    The DS 3 Cabrio can also be fitted with Bluetooth streaming audio to listen to the audio files on your mobile telephone through the car’s loudspeakers.

    The DS 3 Cabrio’s e-MyWay navigation system, with a wide, colour screen displaying European road maps, CD MP3/WMA player, Bluetooth hands-free kit, six loudspeakers and a jack connector, will provide valuable assistance when venturing into the unknown. The Wifi On Board accessory can also be installed to surf the internet when at the wheel by connecting to the web over your SIM card’s 3G/3G+ network.


    The unique design of the DS 3 Cabrio combines compact exterior styling with an unmatched range of features and equipment. It is the only 5-seater in its category and boasts the biggest boot in its segment, measuring a full 245 litres.

    And thanks to the 2/3-1/3 folding rear seats found in the DS 3, the passenger compartment can also be used to offer even more loading space.


    Acoustic comfort

    A quiet ride is essential to comfort on board. And the DS 3 Cabrio sets the standard. The quality of the soundproofing is quite exceptional, allowing occupants to enjoy the peace and quiet on board, hold a conversation or listen to music, with the roof open or shut.


    Vibrations, engine noise and wind noise are all subdued, producing a quiet and cosy atmosphere in the cabin.


    The Free Drive Service

    Citroën FREEDRIVE offers a range of latest-generation services that will meet all your demands. The demand for complete peace of mind, which is met by fully comprehensive maintenance and comfort services, including a full interior and exterior wash of your DS 3 Cabrio.


    And if you are the victim of an incident, our assistance services will come to your aid with a solution that allows you to continue your journey (a replacement vehicle, accommodation, train or air tickets.

    A courtesy vehicle will immediately be placed at your disposal when your DS 3 Cabrio is being serviced by one of our technicians.


    The DS 3 Cabrio boasts a range of aids for care-free driving, including the cruise control/speed limiter, windscreen wipers that start and adjust their wipe frequency automatically, automatic headlights and the on board computer.

    The DS 3 Cabrio’s rear park assist, which comes as standard on all trim levels, will help you in those tricky parking manoeuvres by warning you of any nearby obstacles.


    Reinforced structure

    The engineers at Citroën have come up with a DS3 Cabrio that is just about as rigid as the saloon, thanks to the architecture of the side structures and the addition of strengtheners around the boot space.


    Occupants are optimally protected in the event of an impact.


    Safety is obviously one of the DS 3 Cabrio’s top priorities. The passengers are protected by two front airbags, plus two side airbags in the front seats.

    The DS 3 Cabrio also features a collapsible steering column for improved protection in head-on impacts.


    High performance brakes

    The active safety of the DS 3 Cabrio is enhanced by the car’s exceptionally safe braking system. The standard ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) are supplemented by the emergency stop assist and the automatic hazard warning lights.


    ESP also comes as standard. This dynamic stability control system automatically selects the best possible line, while the ASR traction control limits wheel spin.
    All of these features offer valuable help under tricky conditions, for example when grip is poor.


    Child Safety

    Your children can travel in complete safety on board the DS 3 Cabrio. The two rear seats are fitted with Isofix fixtures, used to attach the child safety seats, as standard on all versions.


    Because driving pleasure must also be eco-aware, the DS 3 Cabrio was designed to show greater respect for the world around it, with a level of CO2 emissions that reflects Citroën’s environmental leadership.

    The e-HDi 90 Airdream engine for instance, has  limited emissions  with 99 g/km, and between 112 g/km and 137 g/km of CO2 for petrol engines.


    Micro-hybrid with Stop&Start

    The new leading-edge e-HDi micro-hybrid engine with Stop & Start is coupled to an optimised manual or clutchless gearbox. Every time you come to a halt, for example at a red light, the engine stops. As soon as you release the brake pedal, the engine automatically restarts immediately, without the driver having to take any action.


    The Stop & Start system is perfectly silent, smooth and ideally suited to everyday use. It will radically change your approach to driving. And most of all, it will significantly cut your CO2 emissions and consumption, in a more ecological and economical drive. The e-HDi 90 Airdream engine.


    The particulate filter (DPFS) on the HDi e-HDi Airdream engine of the DS 3 Cabrio contributes to environmental protection by trapping and burning the particles produced by the engine.

    Particulate emissions were already particularly low with the e-HDi Airdream engine. With the DPFS, they drop to barely measurable levels.


    For a more economical – and therefore more ecological – drive, your DS 3 Cabrio ships with a gear change indicator that analyses your driving style and tells you the best time to change up.


    Looking beyond engine performance, the environmental results of the DS 3 Cabrio are the result of extensive studies on weight control, with designers studying all the possibilities for making the car lighter.

    Numerical computation techniques were used extensively to define and test parts, thus optimising each component in terms of both weight and technical quality.