Better than anyone in his time, André Citroën knew how to break with the conventions of the car manufacturing industry. La Maison Citroën® is the result of this heritage. Bold and creative, the brand is once again doing things differently and rethinking the places it meets its customers, especially city dwellers. In doing so, Citroën is demonstrating its desire to prioritise the wellbeing of drivers and passengers, well beyond its models.


Welcoming, colourful and interactive

Citroën has developed a decor that uses natural wood, soft armchairs, word walls, screens and accessories dedicated to customisation. These spaces offer a relaxing bubble and a whole host of experiences, where each decorative item is as at home as it would be in a real house. The embodiment of Citroën comfort, La Maison Citroën® constantly adapts to new trends in consumption to provide exactly what its customers need.

A visit that is smooth and fun

La Maison Citroën® embodies all the promise of the brand that is Inspired by You.  Let yourself be taken on a journey designed just for you. In addition to the vehicles on display, the Citroën range is displayed on the walls, including rims, steering wheels and trim samples. For each visitor to La Maison Citroën®, this is an opportunity to touch the materials and choose the colours.

Both physical and digital

 This unique experience marries cosiness with technology in an urban concept that unites the digital with real sensations. The configuration table combined with its 3D screen creates an immersive experience with exceptional rendering. Accessible from a dedicated touchscreen, visit the Citroën Origins virtual museum at La Maison Citroën®.

Designed for you and your purchases

Located at the heart of La Maison Citroën, The Citroënist Café is the perfect spot for a break. You to discuss and finalise the details of your purchase in the open-plan sales room. The Le Petit Citroën store stocks a wide range of miniatures and Lifestyle products.


Since the first Maison Citroën was opened in 2017 on Rue Saint-Didier in Paris, the concept of the urban point of sale has been rolled out internationally. You can now visit a Citroën city store in 13 different countries.