Of course you only want the very best when it comes to maintenance for your plug-in hybrid vehicle. The Citroën network has the specific tools required and experts trained in the specific after-sales aspects of these new technologies. Drive with peace of mind with a maintenance contract and Citroën service commitments.


The maintenance of your plug-in hybrid car combines that of a combustion-engine vehicle and an electric vehicle. The service interval is therefore the same as for a combustion-engine car, with specific additional operations linked to its hybrid technology. However, you get the maintenance contract at the same price as for a combustion-engine vehicle. It includes roadside assistance, replacement or repair of faulty parts, scheduled servicing and replacement of worn parts.



Your Citroën Plug-in Hybrid has so many benefits, so you can drive with peace of mind. Simplified management is available to you with services dedicated to plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as the maintenance contract. You also get support for the charging solution, mobility solution, maintenance quotes and online appointment scheduling. Finally, enjoy software updates and a full wash each time work is carried out.