Exclusively revealed one month ahead of the Paris Motor Show, CXPERIENCE Concept embodies the brand's promise in the large hatchback segment. With its distinctive bodystyle, this new and stunning concept illustrates the benefits of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. 


The innovative hatchback measures 4.85m long and 2m wide. The very low roof (1.37m tall) and short overhangs (3m wheelbase), contributes to CXPERIENCE Concept car’s flowing lines. The chevrons accentuate the vehicle's width with the chrome-finish bar angling out to the headlights.

The V-shaped daytime running lights (DRL) give the car a high-tech look, and are made up of fine 3mm wide strips with the indicators elegantly positioned in between. Further down, the light signature is completed by three LED directional headlights, positioned either side of the vehicle.


Alongside the single-spoke steering wheel, a nod to the brand's history, the floating dashboard is horizontal in design. It has a three-dimensional appearance, with a sculpted, tubular cut-out extending from the right rear door to the left rear door in a single piece. This reinforces the immediate impression of space and lightness.
Considerable emphasis was placed on the design of the seats, which are upholstered in a padded-effect yellow mesh fabric. The backrests feature an elegant light shade of walnut wood, similar to the dashboard.


Entirely focused on the well-being of the occupants, this large executive hatchback conveys an impression of immediate, intense ultra-comfort, for both the driver and passengers.
Comfort is a concept that has always been closely linked to Citroën and "Citroën Comfort" has become a true brand signature.
The emphasis placed on light, another part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, also contributes to the sense of on-board well-being. With wide windows and two sunroofs running the full length of the car, the ambient lighting and air purifier also contribute to making the cabin a "Feel Good" area.


The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme was fundamental in the design of CXPERIENCE Concept, demonstrating how Citroën is delivering greater comfort derived from its modern vision and expertise in design.
Today, this concept has become part of a broader approach with a range of criteria including brightness, space, ergonomics and connectivity. All these criteria contribute to well-being in body and mind and encourage connectivity and sharing experiences on-board the CXPERIENCE Concept car.


Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept car is welcoming and comfortable as well as being connected. With an intuitive human-machine interface designed to provide continuity between digital worlds for the driver and passengers, the latest intelligent technologies are simple and easy to us.

The 19-inch rectangular touch screen is the key focus of the dashboard and central console and is used to operate on-board functions such as air conditioning, driving aids, navigation and media sources. The touch screen is split into several parts, putting the emphasis on the driver as well as the passenger. The screen can be configured in 1/3 – 2/3 or 2/3 – 1/3 or in full screen mode, depending on the desired on-board experience.


The emphasis on intelligent technology can also be seen in the choice of a plug-in hybrid solution for a relaxed drive. A true invitation to travel, CXPERIENCE Concept features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain with efficient performance, power and versatility.

CXPERIENCE Concept delivers outstanding dynamic performance with a petrol engine developing between 150 and 200 hp and up to 80 kW of additional energy provided by the electric motor. Cxperience Concept can be driven in all-electric mode in the city (ZEV -Zero Emissions Vehicle) where it has a range of 60 km.