Citroën Dispatch


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optimised architecture

Whether you are a craftsperson, delivery driver, in the construction sector or work for a service company, the Dispatch is the vehicle for you! With its efficient shape, the Citroën Dispatch adapts to all your needs. Functional, practical and ergonomic, it has a latest generation modular platform. Offering a load capacity of up to 1,400 kg, 6.6 m³ of loading volume and 2.5 tonnes of towable mass, the Dispatch is a heavyweight.

3 adapted sizes

The Citroën Dispatch business range has versions adapted to the needs of different businesses on construction sites, on the road and in cities. It is available in 3 lengths. In addition to the two lengths, M (4.95 m) and XL (5.3 m), which are at the heart of the market, this van also comes in a new version measuring 4.6 m that is both compact and practical and designed for urban life, providing better agility in the city.


The Citroën Dispatch is your ally to optimise your working day. Comfortable and safe, the Citroën Dispatch is the ideal partner for professionals. With the Moduwork option, the Citroën Dispatch can transport objects up to 4 m in length. You can also choose an extended cabin.


a dispatch for every profession

Partner to the pros, the Citroën Dispatch comes in 3 versions suitable for all trades. The Worker version is available in M and XL (4.95 and 5.30 m) and is suitable for heavy loads.  The Driver version, also available in M and XL, was designed for long journeys.  The newest, the CityVan in size XS (4.60 m), is specially adapted for professionals who mainly drive in the city.  Thanks to its smaller height of 1.9 m on the XS and M versions (1.94 m on the XL version), the Citroën Dispatch can easily fit into all the car parks that are usually difficult to access for vehicles in this segment.

100% ËLECTRIC, 0% CO2

combining utility and ëlectric

Citroën has just unveiled the ë-Dispatch, the ideal electric partner to meet all your urban and suburban mobility needs. With a benchmark range of 205 miles, this van is shaking up the segment to offer unprecedented connectivity, driving and comfort services.


moduwork and extended cabin

Your everyday partner, the Citroën Dispatch comes with many features such as Moduwork, a means of raising the side passenger seat so you can transport long objects.  Likewise, with the Extended Cabin versions, there is no need to choose between transporting people and loading: they can accommodate up to 6 people while offering a loading space of up to 4 m³.


comfort for driving and working

The front seats of the Citroën Dispatch have been ergonomically designed to provide a high driving position, giving you an excellent view over the road. The van has unparalleled driving comfort thanks to the smooth running gear and excellent shock absorption.  The hands-free sliding doors make your life much easier.  Finally, the cabin has been transformed into a mobile office and features a writing tray and a useful tablet stand for devices measuring up to 11".


Seats up to 9 people

The Citroën Dispatch Combi is the ideal business vehicle for transporting people. From its compact XS version right up to the XL, it can accommodate up to 9 people and their luggage. The seats in the solid and functional Citroën Dispatch Combi can be arranged to suit your preferences.  All the back seats (optional) can be removed to obtain a volume of 4.5 m³ in size XS and up to 6 m³ in size XL. The second row seats can be easily folded down to gain access to the back seats.



16 driving aids

16 driving aids are available on the Dispatch to support you and make your trips safer.

Connected services

The 3D navigation system and the Mirror Screen help you enjoy your journeys.


100% ëlectric

Smooth electric driving that is both dynamic and peaceful: Engine power of 100 kW (136 hp) and torque of 260 Nm from 0 mph, Quiet engine No gear changes Two battery powers are available: 50 kWh or 75 kWh

5 diesel engines to choose from

With the Dispatch, choose from engines ranging from 100 to 180 hp, all equipped with BlueHDi technology. This generation of diesel engines offers particularly low levels of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for the segment (BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6: 5.1 L/100 km and 133 g of CO2/km) and low running costs.  With the 6-speed manual gearbox, choose from 100, 120 and 150 hp with Stop&Start. It is available with an 8-speed automatic gearbox (EAT8) on 120 and 180 hp engines with Stop&Start.



From 23.900 €


  • 1.5 BlueHDI Start&Stop 120Hp
    • Remote heating and cooling pre-conditioning, p/sensors, Bluetooth, c.control, 7" touch screen
  • From 4.6 to 6.6 m3 of load volume,
    Up to 1226kg of payload,
    Up to 4 m of useable length when fitted with moduwork®
    1.25 m width between wheel arches
    • 3 driver modes, 15 Driving Aids, 
  • online Connect Fleet platform