Experience ultimate comfort

The drivetrain of New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid enhances travelling well-being through the combined benefits of a fully electric drive - ideal for daily journeys of up to 34 miles (WLTP test cycle) - and the PureTech 180 petrol engine for longer journeys.


Adapted to all uses, New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid combines all the advantages of 100% electric driving, for daily journeys of up to 34 miles (WLTP test cycle), thanks to its 81.2 kW motor, with the range provided by its PureTech 180 Stop & Start Euro 6.3 petrol engine for longer journeys.

The ë-EAT8 electrified 8-speed automatic gearbox optimises gear shifts for an even smoother and pleasurable drive.
It features two regenerative braking modes: Drive (position D) and Brake (position B). The latter, more dynamic, mode boosts the recovery of energy available when braking and decelerating.




Selector ideally located on the centre console

The driving mode selector is located on the centre console of New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid. You have the choice of 3 modes:

  • Electric: The car operates in 100% electric mode at speeds up to 84 mph (where legally permitted), offering an exceptionally quiet and an exceptionally smooth drive. Range in electric mode extends up to 55 KM (WLTP test cycle)
  • Hybrid: The vehicle manages the electric motor and petrol engine automatically for optimum efficiency.
  • Sport: Performance is optimised by the electric motor, which boosts the PureTech 180 petrol engine for combined power of 225 hp and combined torque of 360 Nm



Simple and practical

New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid is extremely simple to charge:

The charging flap, located in the left rear wing of the car, includes an LED indicator to track the charging process, which can also be viewed remotely on the MyCitroën app.
Charging can be programmed from the touchscreen or the MyCitroën app, to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs where available.
The cable is stored in a dedicated space under the boot floor.


Simplified daily charging

You have several solutions for recharging your New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid:

  • To make sure you benefit from 100% electric driving more of the time, we recommend that you charge your New C5 Aircross Plug-In Hybrid every day. You can even schedule charging for certain times, for example if you have an energy tariff with off-peak hours.
  • The fastest way to charge is with a home charging point or ‘wall box’. Using a 32A wall box and the Type 2 Mode 3 cable supplied with your car, you can charge the battery fully in under 2 hours thanks to New C5 Aircross Plug-In Hybrid’s standard 7 kW onboard charger. This cable is also compatible with many public charging points so you can easily charge your car when you’re out and about.​
  •  You can also order a 3-pin domestic charging cable as an accessory for your New C5 Aircross Plug-In Hybrid, allowing you to charge from a standard domestic socket. A full charge takes about 6 hours and as such we suggest this only for occasional charging. We recommend that you consult a qualified electrician to confirm that the domestic circuits that you plan to use are suitable.


100 kW stations are not compatible with New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid.


Citroën has selected PodPoint to assist you with installing your home or workplace wall charging solution.


Customisable digital panel and new touchscreen

New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid features intuitive touchscreen displays for electric mode driving:

  • The digital display shows the charging status and battery life and provides access to the power indicator and energy flows
  • The 10" touchscreen displays the system’s operating status, the settings for deferred battery charging, pre-heating and the e-save function, which lets you keep enough battery power to drive a predefined distance in 100% electric mode


Useful and every day practical connected services

My Citroën app

Via your smartphone, using the MyCitroën app you can check the battery charge and remaining range of your New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid and schedule daily charging and cabin pre-heating to a comfortable 21 degrees.